Monday, 1 October 2012

October time!

Another crazy week gone by already! University is so busy and cramming all the course work in with training is leaving me with little time to “chill” but still loving it all!

Last Wednesday I experienced the most challenging cross country ride I have encountered so far...20 km of straight up and back down on the steepest, rockiest mountain path I have ever ridden! A lot of it had to be walked – cyclo cross style carrying the bikes over our shoulders of course! We had pretty good weather although it turned very cold and a bit wet towards the summit but this resulted in some lovely rainbows looking back down the valley. I would love to go back to that track with a downhill bike, the descents were insane however the cycle to the bottom of the steep section and push up would probably take close to a full day. The gallery page has some really cool pictures Jamie took of the ride and rainbows! Check it out!

Local track session
Keeping the cardio system in good condition by maintaining running has been great fun, the university athletics club has started up proper training again which includes really tough new sessions with the Dundee Hill Runners but definitely worth all the sweat and pain!

Exploring the local tracks again led to finding some newly built stuff, a short tight and off camber trail and a really fast flowing track with lots of jumps (almost like riding out in Europe – just much shorter, several pine trees and a lot of rain!).

Riding at Innerleithen on Saturday brought back all my memories of racing SDA (Scottish Downhill Association) races and got me even more excited for next season! The old tracks are all still there with a couple new lines and although they have been mega washed out by the rain they are still brilliant! Managing full runs without uplift is a bit challenging and time consuming but pushing up and sectioning is still improving my riding as well as my strength.

LOADS planned for the next couple of weeks - a weekend trip to the Lakes for some tough cross country riding followed by another trip to Innerleithen and then my first uplift weekend at Dunkeld with the Diva Decent girls at which I will be pushing for a heap of full runs. I shall also be having a go on a proper road bike tomorrow night for the first time...really want to get one myself however being a student some things just aren't financially possible these days...will be heading out with the Dundee University Roadies and joining the Dundee Thistle Cycling club for some " chainganging"  - can't wait!!!

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