Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bike lights & thermals ON

I have good news and not so good news.
The good news is that I have acquired a new bicycle…A friend of mine has sold me his Giant Trance (the red bike I’m on in a few pictures in the Gallery) and its absolutely fantastic! With all this talk about the new and developing craze of “enduro” riding I believe now is the best time to get your hands on an all mountain bike. They are so much fun – being able to descend any downhill track AND to enjoy climbing back up is a great combo!  In other good news I am heading home this weekend to see family and to check out an old road racing bike my mum has…my project over the Christmas period is going to be to try and revive this bicycle so I can start smashing out the miles and chain-ganging with the other road cyclists at uni. 
yeahh boi
The bad news is that I appear to have developed coeliac disease which means I have a gluten allergy. So, pasta, bread, biscuits, cakes, pizza…all off the cards now. It’s not serious and pretty common however making the change to a gluten free diet is going to be tough but I’ll manage fine! Might even help me reduce my 21.6% body fat! (Which is normal guys don’t judge me…)

High over the roots. ALWAYS.

My family and I

On a more happy note training is going well as always, with winter fast approaching thermals and seal skin socks are out every day! (Everyone get your bike lights and reflective jackets on please!) Days are getting shorter so downhilling is confined to weekends only now but the week is being packed with spinning, road riding, roller sessions, running, weights and core work. Went to stay with a friend - Rory Brown Kerr – up and coming university American football player ;) - in Edinburgh so hit up Innerleithen again with the big bike and yesterday I met some mates from racing at one of my local tracks which was a good laugh.  Having the trance now means lots of hike and bikes in remote, steep, rocky Scottish hill sides. I have a new plan to add to 2013, as well as returning to downhill racing, I’d like to try out a couple of duathlons, enduro races and road time trials, it shall be a busy summer!

Race dates are out for the Scottish Downhill Association series 2013.  CANNOT WAIT! Dates are in the diary, goals are set…roll on 2013 (after gluten free Christmas dinner…)

Happy Haloween everyone!

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