Sunday, 23 December 2012


Just a really quick update mainly to say I FINALLY got round to doing a wee strength training video. It's probably not going to be what you would expect...

When back up North for holidays I don't bother getting a gym membership (troubled student finances plus the fact I live in the middle of nowhere so want to spend time in the wild where I belong!)

Thus strength training each week consists of a series of “farmyard exercises” using interesting substitutes for weights!

Anyway the video is pretty basic but it was a bit of fun!

Working full time this Christmas for race funds means 5.45am starts for morning sessions and cramming in evening sessions before bed...very tiring but it will all be worth it soon!

HOWEVER on my days off I'm having a great time!! Biking and other adventures – Last week I had my first winter mountaineering trip with my mum and Jamie, 50mph summit winds, deep snow and ice axes – crazy fun!!

On way to summit before ice axing to the top!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!
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