Sunday, 23 December 2012


Just a really quick update mainly to say I FINALLY got round to doing a wee strength training video. It's probably not going to be what you would expect...

When back up North for holidays I don't bother getting a gym membership (troubled student finances plus the fact I live in the middle of nowhere so want to spend time in the wild where I belong!)

Thus strength training each week consists of a series of “farmyard exercises” using interesting substitutes for weights!

Anyway the video is pretty basic but it was a bit of fun!

Working full time this Christmas for race funds means 5.45am starts for morning sessions and cramming in evening sessions before bed...very tiring but it will all be worth it soon!

HOWEVER on my days off I'm having a great time!! Biking and other adventures – Last week I had my first winter mountaineering trip with my mum and Jamie, 50mph summit winds, deep snow and ice axes – crazy fun!!

On way to summit before ice axing to the top!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Not long until Christmas DINNER

It is December already...

The knee injury has really held me back in training recently – It became infected beneath the knee cap so took a bit longer to heal and now I have developed a chest infection so having a few more days off. NOT enjoying the way things are right now at all but it happens to everyone and it could be much worse AND I have my last exam tomorrow and then its the holidays!!! 

In between knee and chest infection I did manage to get some training done. Including a test road ride on the newest addition to my bike family – a Giant Avail. After deciding a road bike would be the next step in training one of the road cyclists from Dundee University – Sarah Stephen (absolutely pinned on a road bike) happened to be selling her old ride! Perfect timing! The narrow bars required a little getting used to, they are literally half the size of the ones on my mountain bikes! It's a completely different style of riding but so much fun.

Newest member

Unfortunately winter weather is kicking in now so the roads are either covered in ice or covered in salt – both of which are not ideal for cycling on...this means only one thing...ROLLERS.

Kitchen training
Roller training is tough, not only are you inside (in my case a claustrophobic  damp student flat) but your also attempting to balance a moving bicycle on 35cm wide moving cylinders. It is really amusing for spectators but a bit tedious for the cyclist. Safe to say the neighbours definitely know when I'm training/attempting to train on the rollers. Good music on my good headphones (Beats by Dr Dre) gets me through the sessions though and it feels great to get them done.  

With the addition of a road bike to my life I can no longer put off becoming a STRAVA addict. There is no way I can afford a fancy GPS phone or a Garmin so I am borrowing one on occasion (Thanks Jamie!!). This means I won't get to update it much over the Christmas period but check out my profile and follow me if you have an account...I will get some good times up there when I return to Dundee in January!

The steezy strength video is on complete hold until I'm better but lots of rad filming is taking place in the next four weeks and some sweet videos will follow.

My Christmas will be spent training hard, seeing family and some of this – Also working at the new Superdry store in Inverness which will be really exciting and enable me to save up race funds for next season.

Better get some revision done...everyone stay safe and enjoy the snow! Gallery has some new pictures and my season is beginning to take shape in the Upcoming events section...exciting!

So many layers!
Ps. Although I referred to my flat as being damp and claustrophobic ..I love it really and would not wish to live anywhere else except maybe a chalet in Les Alpes at this moment in time.