Monday, 14 January 2013

1st Results of 2013

Dare2B Jacket I won at No Fuss Duathlon Glen Nevis

This is it! – My first year back in competition!

The Christmas holidays have flown by and it is now time to start the pre season “suffering” part of my training programme! Super excited!

The next year is going to be challenging both physically and financially, being an unsponsored rider and a student – BUT I have been working hard to save up for race costs and to my mum's horror even sold some of my clothes (they were designer - something I am not very bothered by and apparently worth something!!) So bring it on!

I kick started the year with a hill running race in Aberdeen, basically you all start together and run to the top of the hill and back as fast as you can. It's fantastic. I love running cross country and the challenge of steep gradients and out of control running back down make it even more fun. I would describe it as extreme-rural-parkour. The race went really well and I finished 3rd! Spending the rest of the weekend through in Aberdeen with Jamie (fellow cyclist and runner), we held our own training camp where we trained hard, ate and slept for several days to give us a boost before returning to Dundee and cramming cycling/running in with university.

Have you ever tried Clif Shotbloks? If not – you should. Energy bars and gels come in many forms and of all, these are the best I have ever come across. Not only are they extremely tasty they are also perfect constistancy, shape and size for during or before a race or session. Each “shot” contains 33 calories and comes in a range of flavours. Two of the available flavours comes with 25mg of caffeine in each cube – these are the ones I like, in “tropical punch” flavour. They are so good and easy to eat while on the move – I highly recommend them! “You can even eat them on the boke limit” ~ Jamie Kunka

Shotblok Tower!

Last weekend I raced my first Duathlon in Glen Nevis. The No Fuss Duathlon was a perfect race for beginners – 3.5km run, 12.5km cycle and finishing with another 3.5km run. The race was scenic and fun although difficult...The run began great, sticking to 1st female and changing over smoothly however the cycle began with quite a long road spin and my Giant Trance (full suspension) was not the ideal bike! One by one I was picked off by the other girls and fell into about 6th place. BUT I really pushed the last run and managed to climb my way back up the positions and in the last 300m charged into 1st and won the race. So although tough, it was great and I am looking forward to the next round in February  Check out their website if you fancy it – well worth entering!

Run Forest Run

British Universities Sport announced that the Downhill Championships will be held in Caersws, Wales 8-9th March. STOKED. Best get the bike tuned! 

Better go for a run in the cold! Look at video and picture gallery AND upcoming events for RAD updates! Rest of January is loads of strength work - including climbing :)

Nutritional Rant: Broccoli stalks contain more nutrients in them than the flower – so eat the trunks (they also taste better) Also WHY peel your vegetables? Your just missing out on protein!  

Duathlon podium - 1st
Rowan and I Christmas Holidays

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