Sunday, 10 February 2013

Count down until the 2013 season!

Can't believe I was blogging in October last year about how I couldn't wait to race again...and here it is!!!

Even though I have done a couple events this year, the full season won't kick in until March...but as of then I plan to be racing many weekends through to August! It is going to be an exciting, busy summer! I have decided this year to focus on Downhill racing and Duathlon (run-cycle-run, my two favourite things) so that has enabled me to sort out an achievable training plan and set goals...but I'll be doing some other fun stuff along the way.

Finally we got some real Scottish snow this winter, lots of pow came down all of a sudden in January so the bikes got put away and the skis came out! My first ski of the season was not what I was expecting...I was asked to test out some "Team Magnus" kids skis as part of Jamie's 4th year product design project. It was hilarious! The tiny skis are lethally fast, literally like sticking sledges to your feet...never face planted so much in my life!

Pre-Ski excitement 

The university cycling club decided to take a trip up to Glenshee which also provided a lot of laughs. Being more of a cross country skier I struggled to get to grips with how speedy and non grip the downhill skis were but by the end of the day my skiing was reasonable! The club riders that came with us were seasoned downhill skiers so showed me how it's done! Jamie tested his hand built wooden skis that he made too and they turned out to be brilliant and got a lot of compliments on the mountain! He plans to make several more of his "eco skis" over the next couple of months. Being hand made from wood and local materials reduces the carbon footprint of their manufacture making them better for the environment, helping to reduce global warming thus giving us more snow! If anyone is interested or wants to find out more about them visit his blog by clicking this link:

Jamie's Blog - Lonely Mountain Ski Co.


First run down on my ass...a little rusty.

The Institute of Sport & Exercise (ISE) in Dundee is my local gym. It provides everything one could ask for - two floors of full cardio equipment such as rowing machines, treadmills, spin bikes. It also has several large indoor sports halls, squash courts and dance studios. An outdoor tennis court, a swimming pool and sauna AND a state of art strength performance centre (SPC) with full weights and platforms available. It is also home to the Dundee University Sports Union offices where the lovely staff provide everything the sports clubs and athletes need. It is in the SPC that two of my morning sessions occur each week. Coached by Paul McPate, Scott Hulbert, Helen Weavers and Del Clark several athletes from different sports clubs head up the the centre to "shift tin". Working on strength and flexibility we use different weight lifting exercises to get better at what we do. I am currently working on a little taster  video of training so keep an eye on the video gallery (it will be A LOT better quality than the winter strength training video I put up over technology has advanced thanks to the Sports Union for purchasing a GoPro, it is available for students to get footage and pictures of their sports in action!)

The sun was out over the weekend (and snow has retreated) so the bike came out again and we had a chilled afternoon of fun riding at the local tracks. We managed to get some good clips of my riding and put together a little edit. Have a look, hope you enjoy:

Unfortunately due to weather (more snow!) the Westhill Duathlon was cancelled, this was really disappointing as I was looking forward to getting in some race practice before the Scottish Champs but oh well! It will hopefully get re-scheduled soon! It gave Jamie and I some time to sneak a free day pass to Nuffield gym in Aberdeen where we made good use of the sauna and attend a "Body Pump" class with John (Jamie's dad) which was a good laugh...and hard work!

This Friday I am under going a "VO2 max test" with some PhD students and the Sports Union which will be really interesting...but lots of sweat and pain! I will try and get a hilarious picture or video and post up results on here!

Last news is...I GOT I can now "tweet" - If you have an account follow me by clicking the link:  Emma's Twitter!

Right, that is all for now, next race is either the re-scheduled Westhill Duathlon, or the Aboyne Duathlon first weekend of March.