Monday, 4 March 2013

SHrEds-1 & Duathlon debut

First of all - massive congratulations to our cycling club captain Grant Murdoch for being voted by the students as the next Dundee University Sports Union President - he had a lot of great competition but won by more than 200 votes! Best of luck to him for 2013-2014, I know he will do a great job!

Aboyne Duathlon was brilliant! Being my first official duathlon I was pretty nervous but it went really well and we had great weather. The first 5k run was tough, everyone set off pretty quick, the 15k cycle was quite steady with a head wind and the final 5k run was like running with bricks for legs! I finished in 4th place over all and was 1st under 23 (although they don't split the female age categories for smaller races). I'm really excited about duathlon, planning to do a few more Scottish races and the Scottish Champs (which will be mega tough but a good experience! Got to start somewhere I guess!). One day I hope to compete internationally...but that is a few years away!

pre race nutrition SIS

cycle race

crossing the finish line!
This week I borrowed the Sports Union GoPro again and put together a little clip about duathlon and some of the training I do...I am a total newbie to the sport, so it's not very good but it basically sums up what duathlon is - cycling and running! So have a laugh watching it! There will be some more "SHrEds" episodes to follow this year. Any feedback and filming tips +/- welcome!!!

The VO2 max test I did with the Sports Union was really interesting. A group of masters students came in to watch which put on a bit of pressure (which was a good thing!). The test was run in two stages. First I ran ion three minute intervals with one minute rest in between, each interval the treadmill got faster and my blood lactate profile was measured. The next stage was the tough one - the treadmill remained at a steady speed but the incline was increased every minute and I ran until exhaustion. It's amazing how quickly the lactate in your legs builds up and you physically can't get the turn over to keep running! Unfortunately the testers think there was a slight leak in the mask, as the values didn't match the lactate profile but they have estimated my VO2 max to be about 60. The best part was getting my training programme totally dialled after - you can work out what heart rates you should be training at for hard, steady and recovery runs so hopefully I will see great improvements in my performances these next few months! Massive thank you for Helen and the others for doing the test with me! The video gallery has a clip of the test.

Some mates and I have been busy building at one of our local hills recently and have made some RAD wee much fun! Dundee University officially has a "training ground" so be sure to check out our results at the British Universities DH Champs in April! Below is a link to a clip of the new track we are building (click it!).

Emma - local track clip

The photo gallery has also been updated, so check out that and the new videos above/ in the video gallery section! Next up is my first 10M TT and then the Scottish Duathlon Champs! Ahhh! See the Upcoming events page for this years plan so far, can't wait to get started on the DH racing and get more duathlons done!