Thursday, 25 April 2013

British Universities Champion 2013!

It's been a while since I have written a blog post - so I have a fair bit to write about!

British Universities DH Championships (BUCS) were this weekend in Combe Sydenham. A team of us travelled down from Dundee University and all had a great weekend on an amazing dry, dusty trail with a bit of everything a mountain bike trail should have! I won the women's championship and three of the boys qualified for the finals and put in a solid race run. So happy with my result, first race back after two seasons off, had so much fun plus came away with a gold medal. Full results are here: BUCS DH Champs 2013

Hitting my favourite section of the track at BUCS

In the hot seat post race run!
This is a video of the track, some riders and some crashes. I feature in it right at the very end (4.43 mins in!). It is a short clip of coming over the finish line and popping over the last double, but I am pretty happy with my riding in it: BUCS 2013 video (Emma at 4.43)

BUCS podium - Rebecca, Meg and I
A parrot turned up at the race track at Combe Sydenham which provided some amusement over the weekend. It must be an escaped pet or zoo runaway. I hope he got home safe!

Combe Sydenham parrot!
Things are looking good for the season...I'm feeling fit and strong, although there is always room for improvement!

Really excited about training with James Scott this season. It will be great to get some advice from someone qualified in coaching and experienced. James is based way down near London but I am sure we will make a great team, even if it is mainly via phone and internet! Follow him on twitter @jamescycle 

BUCS Combe Sydenham

This month I have decided to cool off from STRAVA. It is amazing fun and a great motivational device however the day I "STRAVA'ed" a family walk when Jamie's parents met my parents for the first time...I decided things were getting out of hand. No doubt it will be back in my life again shortly.

I was voted captain of the Dundee University Cycling Club for next year, which will be my final year at university. I have some good plans for the club including lots of events with other UK universities - So if you happen to be in a club and/or have some ideas/advice, get in touch to plan something -

The DH bike (Orange 224 evo 2009!) has been coming out a lot more recently after the winter (which has been a much better ski season than bike season). I'm really working on packing in the riding now and looking forward to a summer of racing, learning and getting FAST.

Back home, I recently discovered "Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop". Velocity Cafe is dedicated to teaching and encouraging cycling and bike maintenance. The cafe even has a bike workshop within it! It is by far the coolest and loveliest cafe I have ever been to! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and make exceptional tea and cakes!  Have a look at the website and check out the evening events they hold. What a great place! Click the link: Velocity Cafe

SHrEds Episode 2 will be on my blog sometime in the next month...keep an eye on video gallery!

Thats my third year exams finished now -  SUMMER TIME! Good luck to my friends still working away in the library... I'm off home to ride bikes!