Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Round two of the Scottish Series was this weekend in Glencoe. It was stunning! Glencoe has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you haven't been yet, its well worth the visit as photographs don't do it full justice!

The track was down the red route, I took my downhill bike along instead of my trail bike although I was unsure what would be better as I knew it was a pretty flat/ uphill track. SO glad I took the big bike, by race day the track was super rocky and muddy. It was similar to the top section of Fort William, with no smooth bits or big berms to catch you!

Practice day went well although think I pushed it with seven/eight runs! Woke up on Sunday feeling pretty tired but still crammed in a couple of practice runs in the morning. So glad I have been in the gym lots over winter. First race run was a steady, safe run into the lead with 4.11 (ahead by twenty seconds). Then my second run I went crazy on the pedals and got lose on the rocks, it was well fun! I was determined to get under 4 minutes so pleased with 3.55 which kept me in the lead by 35 seconds and wasn't too far off the boys times.

The other girls there were great, made lots of new buddies and can't wait to get out riding/ racing with them again - we had such a laugh. A massive thank you to everyone who was part of organising the race, couldn't have been a better weekend.


Emma, Alice, Sandy and Freya
I'm really grateful to James Scott for contacting me and helping out with coaching my Downhill. It's so good to have that access to good knowledge and support. Can't wait to start seeing the results.

Road riding has become a massive part of my training now. Being able to cover so much distance straight off your doorstep is great. As I've been doing so much I thought I might as well try some road racing this year with my local club, just some friendly APR's and perhaps some time trials as part of my training. I'm not one hundred percent sure of what to expect but from my research, in an APR we will be set off in different groups, the fastest riders are set off last with the aim of catching the first groups up and crossing the line in a frenzy! I'm scared! But if it involves hammering along on a bike and competition I'll probably love it!

Road ride
I have been doing a lot of training with Moray Firth Cycling Club and will be spending most of my summer with them. They are super motivated, fast and fun! The first ride I did with them was a thunder around what felt like the entire of Scotland! It was 70 miles, to them - a casual Sunday ride but a big achievement for me! It's the furthest I've ever cycled and we did it pretty fast averaging 3.24 minutes per mile for the whole thing. Can't wait to get some more speedy miles in the bank. If you stay in the North of Scotland and are looking for a group to train with they are definitely the ones to join! Click the link for their website: MFCC

Local track practice

Local track practice
Oh and STRAVA is back in my life more than ever now. My self-ban didn't last long...Opening my inbox to see "Uh Oh! XXXXXX Just took your QOM!" is a bit too gutting for me. "QOM" means Queen of the Mountain, the title you get if you hold the fastest time on that segment of road or trail. I managed to get a couple during my training rides but since my break they have been taken from me. But not for long! Mwahahaha!  Follow me if you are a user too: Emma's STRAVA

As well as dipping my feet into road racing I am also doing my first proper cross country race this year too! The British Universities XC Championships are in Sheffield in June and I will be heading down with Jamie Kunka and Finlay Strivens (both XC and road pinners) to represent Dundee! If all goes well I might consider getting my own XC bike (As I am borrowing one from my good friend Morag for the race - thanks Morag!).


This week I'm getting started on my annual training plan from James, so bring on the hard work! I'm also getting a tooth out tomorrow which is not at all cycling related but thought I would throw it in for some drama. It can't be that sore, loads of people have it done...Scottish round 3 at Killin is my next DH race, planning to keep up the good results and hopefully get some sponsorship support for next season! Summer holidays now so will be having "oodles" of fun and doing lots of blogging for the next five months!

Race photos to follow shortly in the gallery section plus some more training pictures thanks to Mum :)

Scottish DH series - free for all spectators, come and watch!