Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"This dream is all I need coz it's all that I ever had"

Racing RD 3 Scottish series

Scottish Series round three was this weekend at Killin. The weather was typically scottish and raining pretty heavy non stop all of Saturday which was practice day. The track was new so had no lines ridden in, lots of off camber grassy corners which turned to mud-soup. The most challenging track conditions I've ridden this year! That aside it was still good fun to ride. The race was set on the hills next to Loch Tay so I couldn't resist going for a swim on the Saturday evening during a gap in the rain. It was cold - as expected but refreshing although I did get eaten alive by midges!

Race day conditions were a little better. The wind picked up which dried out the track a bit - but it was still thick with mud and difficult to ride. First race run wasn't as smooth as I had planned but I went into 1st position. My final race run was a lot better and I bet my first time by 13 seconds which kept me in the lead. Alice Taylor into second and Freya Avis into third. Next year I hope to be closer to the boys times and get a sub 2 minute run, but for now very happy!

The season has been successful so far with three races down and three gold medals!

Morag and I - home made raft.

The British Universities Cross Country Championships were held on the 15th of June down in Sheffield. Finlay, Jamie and I travelled down to represent Dundee in the race. It was well worth the journey as the trail was super fun. It was a dry, hot sunny day perfect for a sweaty XC race! With lots of roots and tight corners the trail was technical and with some steep shoots on the decent. The boys did five laps while the girls did four. Jamie came 60th with a mechanical ( a snapped chain resulted in having to nip back to the car for some maintenance and considering the field was over 100 riders catching up to 60th place was great). Finlay was 17th which is amazing as he is such a young rider and quite inexperienced compared to the other boys in the top twenty, he will be flying next year! I managed to come 7th out of about twenty which I am happy with as it was my first XC race and I have being doing very little endurance and lots of power work recently, I also didn't push it too hard as I am racing round three of the Scottish DH series this weekend which is my focus.

I haven't been able to find any videos/ pictures of this years race, when I do I will put them in the gallery section. For now, have a watch of this race video from BUCS XC 2012. HILARIOUS is an under statement!

Like I said above I've been working hard in the gym with a programme from coach James. I love weight lifting - it's so addictive! I was speaking to another girl in the S&C room today about how much fun it is and more girls should try it, it's so much better than just "toning" in the normal gym and way more satisfying.

Evening ride


I'm really excited (and scared) to say that Iv'e entered both the Scottish AND British Champs this year! This was a bit of a change of plan as I decided not to race any British series this season while I spent time just getting my speed and confidence back. Anyway I saw entries were left so I just went for it and  will be heading to North Wales in July to compete - can't wait! If anyone has anywhere they would recommend for an uplift day the following week in North Wales let me know as I am planning to spend some time riding down there after.

Pump track training

Pups and I 
My freckles

I didn't manage to make it to Fort William to watch the world cup. What insane weather they had, so lucky. All the riders in the world cup this year are looking absolutely pinned and the female racers are a total inspiration, so fast. I'll get there one day!

Morag and I - road ride
In the video gallery there is a new video I made with Jamie of some local XC riding. Just a bit of fun. Have a look if you fancy, show how lovely the Highlands are for riding during the summer.

Scottish Championships is up next at Dunkeld!