Sunday, 27 October 2013

Off Season...SKI TIME!

The 2013 downhill season has officially finished now, well done to everyone who raced and a massive thank you to all the race organisers as well as all the companies and teams who contributed.

It's now time for a bit of post season rest and recovery! Which gives me a good chance to get my racing resume mailed out to lots of teams and companies as my hunt for support in 2014 continues.

University has kicked off again, I'm now in my final year of anatomy and physiology, so the work is getting pretty tough but it's definitely do-able with a bit of planning and organisation.

Anatomy - every day is Halloween

I'm really please to announce that the University of Dundee has selected me for their Sports performance Programme.  The aims of this programme is to improve the competitive success of Dundee Universities sport teams and athletes and to raise aspirations and expectations of these teams and athletes.

In return for our commitment to the university and our sports, the selected athletes receive high quality coaching and a range of services to enhance our sporting performance.

So if your a competitive athlete and planning on applying to University, check out what courses the University of Dundee has to offer as well as the ISE at Dundee which is their fantastic gym on campus and has just been refurbished with loads new exercise machines and facilities. Follow these links:

ISE Dundee

Dundee University

Flare Clothing have been busy designing some new kit for girls who like to shred. Get over to Hannah's website and have a look at the new T-shirts, they come in loads of rad colours too! Flare Tees. Flare recently featured in total women's cycling magazine with Hannah's plans for Flare and the history behind the brand. The article also contains a glimpse of the new Flare kit designs so check it out here: Flare article - Total Women's Cycling. I'm really excited for the London Bike Show in February where I'll be heading along with Hannah to represent Flare Clothing Company. If you fancy a good weekend checking out new products and seeing what the UK has to offer the cycling world in 2014 then head to London 13-16th February. More info on the show here: London Bike Show.

It has now been confirmed that I will be working with ride 100% next year. These guys produce sweet moto and DH goggles and have around since the 1980's! They will be providing me with some goggle sets for shredding and racing. 100% have recently launched their 2014 range, can't wait to try them out this winter!

See their 2014 range here: 100% 2014 product range

100% on facebook

Ruthless Hats

Ruthless Hats knitted this steezy hat for me this winter, can't wait for the ski season to kick off! If your a keen skier head along to this website to check out Lonely Mountain Skis. Jamie Kunka was a product design student at the University of Dundee who recently graduated and is now working on this unique brand of skis. Handmade traditional wooden skis made by old fashioned steam bending!

LMS website

LMS Facebook page

Lonely Mountain Skis!

 My off-season training is about to begin and my 2014 race plans are coming together thanks to James Scott at High Rise Coaching. Find him on twitter @jamescycle or contact him at if your looking for a coach to get you in shape and on the podium!


Thanks again to everyone who made this season so great, I'm looking forward to finalising Team-Emma plans for 2014 and starting on the tough off season training.

If your interested in teaming up, please contact me at

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Team Up 2014

After a brilliant 2013 season I am searching for companies and teams to work with me for mutual success in 2014.

My story......

As a junior I was selected for the Scottish Downhill Talent Team after one year of racing in the Scottish Series.

The talent team taught me loads and took my racing to a level where I could tackle nationals and even the world cup series.

In 2009 I sustained a bad injury to my left arm resulting in surgery. The surgeons did an excellent job putting some metal work in and sticking my arm back together. 

Unfortunately the injury has left me with very limited movement in my left arm (however it is now stuck permanently in handle bar position...which can't be a bad thing!)

In 2010 I attempted to race in the UCI World Cup series, having been off the bike for almost a year. Although I managed to qualify for the women's final in Maribor (still as a junior rider) I didn't feel confident in my riding and decided to take some time out.

After two years of training, 2013 was my year of return.

I'm really happy with my progress and results. It wouldn't have been possible without the help of James Scott from High Rise Coaching who has supported me throughout the season. (Twitter @jamescycle)

My highlights of this year include winning at the British Universities Championship, the British Championships and taking the over-All Scottish Series Championship.

 In 2014 I plan to race in the British Series, IXS European Cup and in the World Series. 

If you would be interested in working with me please contact me at or on 07840345704.