Thursday, 21 November 2013

Elite DH racer!

Things are great in Scotland at this time of year, I love the freeze of autumn before the snow.

First...some exciting news. 

British Cycling has moved me up into the elite race category for 2014. This is such a great opportunity, I'll be racing against the best female downhillers in the world. Bring it on!

In addition to this...

Muc-off has teamed up with me for 2014! Muc-off is one of the most prestigious producers of bike care products worldwide. I'm really grateful for their support, a clean bike is a happy bike! My flatmates are also very pleased - only clean bikes in the kitchen from now on! Have a look at their product range for the perfect bike maintenance kit.

Winter training has kicked off with James Scott from High Rise Bike Coaching planning my programme. He did a great job working with me over the season and we came out with some fantastic results. If anyone is looking for a coach to get them podium fit for 2014 contact James now! On twitter: @jamescycle or by e-mail at:

Lauren Jenkins, a journalism student, is currently writing for some of the UK's most popular cycling magazines. She is doing an amazing job at getting more female mountain biking coverage with Wideopen bike magazine. Lauren did an interview with me a few weeks ago for a "Women's Wednesday" article, follow this link to gave a look and check out the others: Wideopen Bike magazine - Emma Atkinson Interview.

Halloween has been and gone, one of my favourite occasions of the year. I didn't manage to party at all this time, but I did insist on wearing bat ears all day. Instead of attending the student union's famous Halloween party I took the train back home to the mountains of Northern Scotland. 

I spent the weekend riding bikes and chilling with my family. While riding, Jamie and I put together a short edit, dedicated to the mountains and trails I grew up around and love with all my heart. Check it out below!


Flare Clothing Company is getting ready to launch it's autumn range soon, keep an eye on Hannah's website for news and sweet products! Girls have a look at the T-shirt section and get one on your Xmas list! 


Posing in my Flare jersey

Jamie and I recently spent a couple of days in Bergen, Norway. We did a load of adventuring around the city and spent some time in the mountains (fjords) that come straight out of the sea. It's such a beautiful place! Looking forward to going back.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

100% 2014!

100% specialise in producing goggles and eye-ware for motocross and downhill.

The roots of 100% date way back to the 1980's so these guys really do know what they are doing!

I've always struggled to find goggles with perfect vision that fit me correctly. If they sit well in my helmet then they usually pinch my nose...a sacrifice I've made while riding up until now...

I'm teaming up with 100% for the 2014 season and will be sporting their Accuri and Strata goggles while shredding the trails. These babies are not only a perfect fit with crystal clear vision but have some sweet lens technology allowing 100% focus on the track.



Check out their products here:

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