Tuesday, 17 December 2013

News, Nudity & Merry Christmas!

Flare Clothing Company have been busy this autumn getting some new products ready, the Lunar jersey is made from a breathable, wicking fabric and comes in a tank top style or with long sleeves. All Hannah's products are tailored for girls who like to shred, they come in eye catching colours with pretty designs and will definitely get you noticed on the trail ;). Have a look at Flare's shop here: www.flareclothingco.com

Hannah in the Lunar jersey.

Lunar Tank Jersey in smoke grey.

As well as developing new jerseys, Hannah has also been working on designs for my 2014 race kit. It's looking super hot and super pink! Flare is also busy preparing for the London Bike Show in February. I'm so lucky to be attending the show with Hannah to represent Flare Clothing Company, it's great to be a part of an upcoming female specific brand and it will be a fun weekend of creeping on new MTB products for 2014.

Race kit! PINK.

I'm really grateful to 100% who have teamed up with me for 2014 and will be providing me with their top of the range Accuri and Strata goggles. 

100% Accuri and Strata (left) Strata in Bubble Gum (right).


The Strata has redefined the standards of an entry level goggle. With a perfect range of vision and a sharp focus lens these are definitely the best goggles around for $30. These goggles perform in all conditions, I recently spent a day testing them at my local tracks. These woods are always dark, usually muddy and mostly wet but last weekend they were darker, muddier and wetter than ever! The Strata goggles remained clear, hardly misted and were super comfortable, so whether your looking to race or ride, I would highly recommend them! 

Strata testing.


The Accuri goggle is designed for motocross and comes with an optional anti fog mirror lens that is scratch resistant as well. The strap, like the Strata goggle, is coated with silicon to grip your helmet and hold the goggles in place. The frame of these goggles is flexible and durable, providing a perfect fit that will last a long time. They also come in a wide range of awesome colours! I couldn't be happier with these goggles, I'll be using these for racing as well as skiing!!!

100% Accuri goggles!

Order your 2014 goggles at ride 100%'s website here: www.ride100percent.com

220Triathlon is the UK's longest running and most popular triathlon magazine. Each month they provide readers with the latest triathlon and triathlon related news, race coverage, training/nutrition advice and gear reviews. I was lucky enough to land an interview with them where they asked me for some training and nutrition advice. It was great chatting to them and my advice can be found on their website here: www.220triathlon.com/training/bike/mtb-tips

Now for the bit you have all been waiting for......

The University of Dundee produce a naked calendar of all the sports teams every year to raise funds for the Sports Union. The Sports Union is central to the University and looks after the many sports clubs run by students. They provide buses for transport, funding to compete in the BUCS competitions as well as coaching and support for elite athletes juggling their sport with student life. Massive shout out to the cycling club for their excellent banter and laughs as always. Enjoy!

Home for Christmas!

The garden in a winter light.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Some banter and road safety...

Some more great news for the 2014 season...I'll be working with another two well known brands of the cycling world - POC and Lizard Skins.

POC is a Swedish company that produces top of the range protective equipment for mountain biking and snow sports.  Their light weight, high performance gear provides ultimate protection from injuries. Come at me steep, rocky trails!

Cortex Flow helmet
Have a look at the full range of POC helmets, goggles, body armour and accessories on their website: www.pocsports.com
Joint VPD 2.0 Knee pads

Lizard Skins have been around since 1993 and sell products worldwide across all cycling disciplines.  They produce a huge variety of cycling components for road, BMX and mountain biking. I particularly love their colourful range of grips, which you can even customize! Check out their products here: www.lizardskins.com

Lizard Skins grips

Off-season training is going well with lots of gruelling spin sessions from Coach James. The University Sport Performance Programme are providing weekly strength and conditioning sessions with professional coaches. They have tailored my gym sessions to include lots of really specific strength exercises to help with position and control on the downhill bike. We also got Uni team kit, which adds to the fun!

modelling the UoD Sport Programme team kit...lovely.

University is tough just now. I'm in my final year, so it won't be long and I can completely focus on doing my best in the cycling world. I graduate in June 2014, just in time to head out to Europe for some European and World cup races, still can't get over how excited I am about racing in the elite category!

stepping down at Ae Forest SDA.

I'd like to thank the companies who have teamed up with me for 2014 so far. I really can't wait to do you all proud! POC, Lizard Skins, 100%, Flare clothing Company, High Rise Bike Skills and Muc-off.

Contact James on twitter: @jamescycle

On a more depressing note...there have been a horrific number of fatal cycling accidents on the roads recently. The rise in the number of cyclists commuting and riding for leisure is fantastic, however statistically it does put a lot more people in danger. I really can't stress how important it is to maximise your chances of being seen. Use reflective clothing and high powered lights on the front and back/ sides of your bike...blah blah blah...It's so easy to state the obvious and repeat what all cycle safety articles advise...but even wearing the right gear does not even come close to guaranteeing your safety on the roads. You must be 100% aware of your situation and the surrounding traffic at all times. Listening to music on the road is a definite NO and always assume that the vehicle hasn't seen you or that they are driving too fast. Riding in a large group is one of the safest ways to hit the roads and a lot more fun too. 

Go out on your bike, enjoy the fresh air, good health and freedom it gives you, but never stop reminding yourself of how dangerous your situation is and please take care.