Sunday, 22 June 2014

Graduation & Good times!

Well I have now officially graduated with BSc (Honours) Anatomy & Physiology at 2:1! Woohooo! It feels great to have a degree (and a messy night at grad ball) behind me and I can now really focus on trying to make a career in the bike world. 

It's amazing being able to ride so much now! I'm already beginning to feel the benefits of "full time" training. With the support of James at High Rise Coaching, we are pushing my training time to almost 20 hours a week - which is hard work but I love every session, no matter how tough it gets -

Recently I've had some time off my downhill bike while J-Tech Suspension fix up my shock. These guys are really supportive of 2:1 Racing and always do a great job, have a look at their services and products here

While the big bike is in bits I've been able to spend a heap of time on my old hardtail, it feels so different but i'm glad to have the time to smash some xc rides before the British Champs. 

Specialized have continued their fantastic support following the world cup and are kitting me out with some big forks for the rest of the season! No excuses not to go big on all the jumps now! Theres also talk of the team getting hold of some new specialized dh shoes, so watch this space! I had a chat with the guys after the last race which they have published on their facebook page, you can check it out here:

I'm looking forward to having my Status I built up again this week and will be on my way!  Jamie was recently awarded a huge venture grant towards the start up costs of his company Lonely Mountain Skis - - and with a portion of the money decided to invest in a GoPro for marketing purposes (yaaay!), so keep an eye on my facebook page for more funny videos!

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